2003  started out his career at hair salon in Tokyo
2010  became freelance, started on session work
2012  moved to London
2015  moved to Paris

「 」 (June, 2016, Paris), BOUQUETS (September, 2015, New York)

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Massanori YAHIRO is an ARTIST and also a HAIR STYLIST from Fukuoka prefecture in JAPAN.
He was born in 5th September, 1982 as the second son among three siblings with parents who are both Japanese.  His blood type is A. 
He spent his childhood and youth days in local Fukuoka area, and right after graduating from high school, he relocated to Tokyo to attend beauty school. 
Although he started out his career as a beautician at a salon in Harajuku, Tokyo after obtaining the beautician license, since he is an artist by nature, he gradually started to feel like his potential was being limited just being a beautician.   
After undergoing 8 years of salon work, he started to immerse himself into the creative world as a session work artist/hair stylist.  However, due to his particular interest in pursuing his own unique style and self-expression, he soon entered into the field where he considered to be more artistically inclined.  It was around this time that he started to have a vision toward going overseas. 
He moved his activity base to London by relocating to England in 2012.
Due to his solid conviction in pursuing his own unique style and self-expression, as a stepping stone for such pursuit, he establishes a new genre called “HEAD ART” where human head (brain “universe”) is regarded as a sole genre of art expression. As an expression method for this unique art form, he started to use various methods such as head piece/paint/collage/etc. instead of just using a conventional form of hair styling.  Furthermore, he also sometimes applies paint/collage/etc. on faces and bodies by looking at it from the perspective of “human body”.
In contrast to his session work which is usually done in a group setting, he also started to engage in a picture work, so that he can have an outlet where he can immerse into creative work just by himself.  
As his new activity base, he moved to France in 2015 and chose to reside in Paris.
He is currently involved in various activities such as creation/exhibition/sales of head piece/picture, along with being involved in fashion magazines/art magazines/advertisements/films/etc. 
When defining his “HEAD ART”, it is the philosophy behind his design that is what’s important and not just the design for the sake of design.
His multi-concept based artworks that are all rooted in the unifying theme of “nothingness” are often considered abstract and difficult to understand, since they are based on a grandeur theme with endless questions, and attempt to express thoughts and emotions that cannot be described by words.  However, these concepts are also the very things that draw people into his unique world view and his inimitable presence.  His artworks are lax and intoxicated but are not chained to stereotypes or preconceived ideas. They are filled with originality, beauty and spirituality.  Perhaps such uniqueness can be explained by his relentless effort in pursuing the essence of “life” and “universe”.